A long lasting effect after your holidays…


The need for a holiday is developed by our excessive schedules and the tiredness from the ongoing activities. However achieving a real holiday requires a creative and artistic approach.

A number of people think that a holiday is either a chase for certain experiences, an extreme hyperactiveness or an absolute passiveness. All of these actions create just a short term feeling of some sort of quality change of an internal state.

The first type of a holiday, when you’re chasing the experiences, creates an informational overload. The second type, a hyperactive one, creates an explosion of adrenaline. The third type of holiday, a passive one, creates a feeling of inaction.

All these 3 forms of holidays is a way of creating change that doesn’t have a long lasting effect. That’s why when we come back from a holiday, in our heads, we’re already making plans for the next one thinking of all the hardships that will be leading up to that.

If coming back from a holiday you want to

  • Feel inspired with new creative ideas
  • Feel like you’re constantly recharging
  • Feel that you’re always opening new abilities within yourself and others
  • Feel a desire for discovery and being able to see new perspectives

then we offer:

When planning your holiday a year ahead get in touch with us and you’ll receive a complimentary consultation during which we will figure out together all the areas you feel unsatisfied in including your current affairs, everyday life and future opportunities.

After our conversation we will be able to identify a priority objective to work on. We will create an individual work programme integrated with a diverse holiday including visits to scenic places of natural strength and dining in the best restaurants.

These sessions will be held by well known Russian and European masters of energy-psychotherapy, business coaches, authors of a unique methodology with a 20 year successful experience in changing the quality of people’s lives.

The amount of coaching sessions (a collaborative work on the objective) will be determined depending on the complexity of the objective and the longevity of the holiday. The minimum amount of sessions is 3.

The price varies depending on the complexity and the amount of sessions.

Business coaching from €500

Life coaching from €360

Sex coaching €950


360 / Once / Per Guest

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