Europe has a lot of attractive places and we present new opportunities to you. Portugal is currently the most attractive and the most profitable country among investors in Real Estate.

Real estate in Portugal is at an affordable price with great quality property. The unique nature of the Atlantic coast with amazing rocky and sandy beaches and the Mediterranean climate with clean air leaving a great impression on property buyers.

In Portugal for You:

• Wonderful climate, warm sunny weather all year round
• Affordable prices
• Favorable conditions for business
• The high quality of the proposed apartments and villas
• Good mortgage conditions
• The Constitution of Portugal guarantees and protects the right to private property, regardless of the nationality of the owner
• Excellent value for money, covering all spheres of life in this beautiful country

Easy purchase process


• in which part of the country you want to have property: in the south of Portugal – the Algarve – or in the north of the country;
• in which zone: city, with active life; quiet low-rise settlement; lonely place;
• how far from the ocean: on the coast, within walking distance of the ocean; near the beach (1-1,5 km); a few kilometers from the beach; in the mountains or in the continental;
• what type of property (apartment, house, villa, land for construction);
• number of bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms;
• new or secondary housing;
• in a multi-storey building or low-rise building;
• square area of apartments, availability of balconies and terraces;
• whether the first or last floor is possible;
• availability of pool, parking or garage
• accessibility of the location, public transport and ease of parking

In the case of a loan, it is necessary to prepare a package of documents and send copies to us to ascertain the possibility of obtaining a loan. A request would be made to the bank for a preliminary response.

Using our knowledge of the local market, knowledge of laws and customs, the local language, the experience of buying and selling real estate in this country, you will pass a lot of pitfalls and acquire profitable, comfortable and safe housing.


50 / Once / Per Accommodation

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